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October Theme: Halloween Muscle Mash

Trish as a vampire by Tobbe-Totte Bikini Devil for Female Muscle by JonKin Blood and musclesYes, of course I should have seen that there was something totally wrong with her! But her big muscles had made me blind. Now, I am realizing that maybe I could have prevented this bloodshed...
But it’s often much easier to see the signals when you are looking back. I am so sorry I ignored them all. There were so many, from the first time I saw her.
Two days ago, in the evening, I walked through the park on my way to the hotel, after visiting the bodybuilding event. I was looking forward to the next day, when the female bodybuilders would compete. I had seen several of them that day, and most of them appeared to be in great shape.
I saw her when I walked through the quietest part of the park. Yes, of course I noticed that she was wearing hardly any clothes! And of course I thought that was strange, because it was the end of October. But I immediately forgot about that, because then I saw she was flexing muscles that were much bigger than I had thought possible.
I hid behind a tre
Happy Halloween + Friday the 13th 2017 by Soviet-Superwoman

Mature Content

Monster Muscle Mash by SteveBlazer
Candies Please by WickedBust Vampire Girl by plinius Elvira Mistress of the Buff - Monster Muscle Mash by acidrain101

Mature Content

Green With ... by ddd09ish1

Mature Content

Monster Muscle Mash by feenix501
Muscle GhoulsMonster High: Muscle Ghouls
That morning at Monster High a crowd had gathered around a sign in the corridor.
"'Muscle Ghouls Fitness Competition'?" Clawdeen Wolf read aloud. The poster depicted a gorgeous yellow-skinned cyclops girl in a red bikini flexing her right arm, an impressive bicep popping up. Tucked under her left arm was a gleaming trophy.
Her friend Lagoona Blue nodded with an eager smile. "I've been waiting for this for so long!" Lagoona said and flexed her pale blue arms. Surprisingly full biceps rose from the slender arms. "I keep myself in good shape, but I'm gonna need to step it up a notch if I'm gonna be a Muscle Ghoul."
"We'll be cheering for you!" Frankie Stein put a hand on Lagoona's shoulder and grinned.
Hemophobic Draculaura gave the poster a strange look but said nothing.
Cleo de Nile rolled her turquoise eyes. "Lagoona, not to brag, but if I entered there would be no contest. I can beat anyone when it comes to strength."
Clawdeen and Frankie starred inc
Vampiric (FMG Story)A little practice piece to get me into the mood of writing FMG pieces. Don't like FMG? Don't like muscle in general? Then don't comment.
Carlo groaned some as he finally came to, crusted over eyes slowly cracking open as he tried to take in his surroundings…. He looked around wearily, realizing he was propped up against a hard and cold surface. It became apparent to him that this place wasn’t his house… the metal bars over the windows were an easy clue.
The young man shakily brought his hands up to his head, vision fading in and out as he tried to recollect how he had wound up in this place. He winced, letting out a light hiss as a stinging sensation flooded through his brain the moment his fingers brushed along the side of his head. He lowered his hand, realizing that the crustiness from when he opened his eyes hadn’t been from just being asleep for long, but was instead dried blood… his hand was dusted wi

Mature Content

Lenka - Monster Muscle Mash by Hellequin11
Ashlien from Hell by gijohn20

10th Anniversary Art

FemaleMuscle just turned 10. Thanks to all of our members for making this the best female muscle art collective in the world.

Celebrate good times c'mon! by Hkami FemaleMuscle10th by Morphdogen

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Volley girl by MrPlaid81 Volley girl :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 137 53 Kara Dox by MrPlaid81 Kara Dox :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 70 31 Superwoman by MrPlaid81 Superwoman :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 157 31 Leopard Lass by MrPlaid81 Leopard Lass :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 50 16 Kiva by MrPlaid81 Kiva :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 20 45 Glory 2 by MrPlaid81 Glory 2 :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 34 5 Fully Alive by MrPlaid81 Fully Alive :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 71 19 Brainiac 6 is a 10 by MrPlaid81 Brainiac 6 is a 10 :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 34 17 Domino by MrPlaid81 Domino :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 45 11 Tank Girl by MrPlaid81 Tank Girl :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 32 14 Ms Marvel Monday 1 by MrPlaid81 Ms Marvel Monday 1 :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 71 29 Ballistik color sheet by MrPlaid81 Ballistik color sheet :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 39 32 Chimera by MrPlaid81 Chimera :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 23 12 Jeds Girl Fisticuff by MrPlaid81 Jeds Girl Fisticuff :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 106 29 Decolletage clr2 by MrPlaid81 Decolletage clr2 :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 29 17 Gretel: Dirndl Girl by MrPlaid81 Gretel: Dirndl Girl :iconmrplaid81:MrPlaid81 103 31

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October Theme: Halloween Muscle Mash Gallery | Details
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What if the "Sport" of Female Bodybuilding died?
Ever Actually Felt A Muscular Woman's Muscles?
People Who Bully Those Who Like Muscular Women:
The Many Catalysts For Female Muscle Growth
Your Approach to a Muscular Woman in Public:
Reactions to Loving Female Muscle:
Where did Female Muscle begin for you?
With Halloween just around the corner, I figured I open up the theme to have it both broad enough for everyone to join in as well as fitting the holiday theme of Halloween. I introduce: Halloween Muscle Mash.

Every muscular female Halloween theme is welcomed to the party. Muscular female vampires, warewolves, and stalkers of the night are welcomed. Got a sexy muscular witch? Bring her into the party.

Submit your entries to FemaleMuscle with the tagline "Monster Muscle Mash" in the title or the first line of the description. Older artwork that applies to the theme is acceptable, please send us a note with a link to the piece. All entries will be featured on the front page all month long and will get a permanent spot in the Monthly Themes folder afterwards.
Fall has come upon us and the weather is going to be quite chilly and Halloween just coming around the corner. Hopefully the hurricane season will pass without any problems.

Let’s take a look on what happened at #FemaleMuscle last month.

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New Members We welcome all the new members to FemaleMuscle, please check out their pages.
:iconl-ankenman: :iconmuhtr: :iconkurtlogan: :iconachi555: :iconshoclous: :iconanimeguy4000: :iconbubble-valentine: :iconorangethunder2: :icontraxlord: :iconpeebo: :iconbballheat102: :iconvigilante17: :iconhenke76: :icondep4567: :icondorkmuscle: :iconthreeflowersinone: :icontipsypaipai: :iconbewildered-angel: :iconprotozer0:  :iconanimeguy4000:  

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September Theme: Media Swap. For this month's theme, we set a challenge for other artists to try different mediums. For example; If you normally draw, try CGI or morph. Writing a story? Try your hand at drawing. Here's what our members submitted for this month's theme.

Mature Content

Cindy Landolt Muscle Morph - Mediaswap by WickedBust
Imposing She-Hulk by areaorion
Let us know if you have any ideas for future themes.

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Thanks for another great month here at FemaleMuscle. We always welcome ideas or suggestions from members to keep FemaleMuscle the best female muscle artist collective anywhere!
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Group Info

Welcome to the Female Muscle Club! We are a group that admires all manners of muscular women, both human and anthro, ranging from mild bodybuilder levels to crazy extremes.

We don't only admire the form but the person as well. It takes great courage and drive to transform your body like this when much of the world shuns the idea. We are here to show our support. We are also dedicated to fostering and promoting artists interested in making art about strong muscular women, and bodybuilders.

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Founded 11 Years ago
Jul 22, 2006


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