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It's the genre that gave us Red Sonja and Xena, Warrior Princess! Some know it as "medieval fantasy", from Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones.

It's a popular genre for creating muscular-woman OCs, like pumpmonger's "Red the Paladin". And now, it's your turn.

Whether you do a muscular spin on an existing character, or an original creation, barbarian swordswoman or spell-casting sorceress, we want it for the March theme! To give you a few ideas of what we're looking for…

Atalanta by hardbodies Siena 1 by pumpmonger Lorely by arkbishop Heraclea: Frenzy Stance by IHCOYC Eowyn - Middle Earth Muscle by DavidCMatthews

Please label submissions with "Sword and Sorcery" in the title or the first line of the description. Older pieces that fit the theme are also welcome; simply note us with a link.
February has been a brutal month for most of us in the Northern Hemisphere; snowstorm after snowstorm, deep-freeze-style temperatures - even Florida hasn’t entirely escaped the chill (though, thankfully, no snow).

But we all here at FemaleMuscle know that nothing warms our hearts like the sight of a strong, beautiful, and muscular woman! (or two… or three…) So without further ado, let’s review the activity here during the past 28.

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New members: Let’s dispel some of the frosty February temperatures by extending a warm welcome to our newest inductees:

:iconthesteelavenger: :iconmisterbigt: :iconxx1x7xx: :iconatractivemonkey007: :iconsammy-upvotes: :icongrizmun: :iconcommonfire: :iconbooster-yoshy3: :iconbloodwithgarlic: :iconninguno69: :iconmanowarsg: :iconeldelacarlota: :iconamethystsadachbia: :iconbig-elsa: :iconmctaylis: :iconangelauxes: :iconlulustrations: :iconsabriprime: :iconmoonlightstrider: :iconluis3iguel: :iconunit7777777777: :iconshaotemp: :iconmythosgfx:

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February theme: Date Night: Valentine’s Day makes February the month of romance. Appropriately, the theme this past month was “Date Night”, showing how our winsome women of muscle spend their time with their “significant others".

Date night muscle by Ritualist Jessy and Junior - Date Night Muscle by Odie1049 Midnight Flirt by plinius The muscle lady in red by ElsieGuen Moonlight Carries the Message of Love by kaisai134 Walk with me - Date Night Muscle by BabisTogrou

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Our thanks to all the members old and new who’ve made :iconfemalemuscle: your go-to spot at deviantART. And as always, your questions, ideas, comments, or ideas are always welcome!
Like I said in the January Roundup, regardless if it is winter or summer February is the month of love. So with that in mind We bring you the Valentine theme of Date Night Muscle. We are keeping it ambiguous to draw out some fun creativity. I got the idea partly from my girlfriend who said we need to have one like our married couple friends. And partly from later that night I was looking for inspiration and came across a picture of 2 soldiers in a war zone having a romantic moment between firefights. I said to myself , wow I guess you can have date night anywhere. That's when it hit me. What does date night mean to you? The traditional sexy dress in a nice restaurant? Or maybe it starts earlier, when your lady is first putting on that cute dress and doing her makeup. Or maybe date night doesn't start until you are back at her place, after leaving the restaurant. Or is your date night darker? More adventurous? Date night could be a lot of things, so though the traditional setting is welcome, feel free to flex your creativity. Date night can happen at anytime anywhere in the world. Or even on the moon.

Being this theme lends itself to include multiple people/characters, I would like to remind everyone all submissions must meet group submission guidelines. Please make sure the female muscular character is the focus of the picture.

Submit your entries to FemaleMuscle with the tagline "Date Night Muscle" in the title or the first line of the description. All entries will be featured on the front page all month long and will get a permanent spot in the Monthly Themes folder afterwards.
Welcome to you all to the month of February! For some of you it's the heart of winter, and others the heart of summer. but for most everyone around the world it is the heart month. So on that note lets take a loving look back at the month of January at FemaleMuscle

New Members: Lets give a warm Valentine welcome to our newest members and please drop by their pages.
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January Theme: OC New Year Nice turnout with some great new muscle characters. I look forward to seeing more of them throughout the year.

Impact by MegaloKai Thunderbird in Space - L'arra and Ranna by Odie1049 Flara the mutant by Ritualist NipsLibrarianColor by Solarod Karen - New OC by FudgeX02 Caitlyn Burner OC NEW YEAR by N0DUS NipsLibrarian by Solarod Elda - Warrior Maiden by plinius Massive Manami by Minamo21- Colored by ZeZeReRe Connie Marshall: Commando by GenSamus OC NEW YEAR: Greta by thekivarider Hikari Hoshino by kaisai134 Sumiko Tadahashi by AdvancedDefense Xia - 3 Feet of Fury by DoctorPlaid

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So as I said before it was another great month here at FemaleMuscle Thank you all for helping us kick off 2015 right. This means we are starting a new month so any questions, concerns, suggestions, or ideas are most welcome.
Let’s start off 2015 with a brand new ”Original Character” or “OC” Muscle Woman. Create any new original muscle women, any backstory, origin and muscle level is all up to you. Who knows, maybe we’ll have interaction between all these new OC characters throughout the year.

Submit your entries to FemaleMuscle with the tagline "OC NEW YEAR" in the title or the first line of the description. Must be a completely new and original character. All entries will be featured on the front page all month long and will get a permanent spot in the Monthly Themes folder afterwards.

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