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We Love Muscular Women

October Theme: Monster Muscle Mash

1st Ann. Female Muscle Bodybuilder Inv Winner

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Female Muscle & Non-Female Muscle Related Work
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October Theme: Monster Muscle Mash: Gallery | Details
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Alright after last month's theme being fairly restrictive, I wanted to make this months theme welcoming to everyone. So without further ado, we bring you Monster Muscle Mash.

Every muscular female Halloween theme is welcome at the monster mash. Your werewolves or furries, your demons and devils, your vampires and stalkers of the night. Even your sexy cops and naughty nurses are welcome because they are very scary.  

Submit your entries to FemaleMuscle with the tagline "Monster Muscle Mash" in the title or the first line of the description. Older artwork that applies to the theme is acceptable, please send us a note with a link to the piece. All entries will be featured on the front page all month long and will get a permanent spot in the Monthly Themes folder afterwards.
As the ticker on the calender ticks 10/1/2014, it can mean only one thing. It is time for The September Round Up


New Members to welcome. Please take a minute to check out their pages.
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September Theme: 1st Annual Female Muscle Bodybuilding Invitational  We had an outstanding showing for our first competition. Lets take another look at all the competitors.

Missbodybuilder06 by Mr6 Competition by Solarod Contestant 88 Bodybuilding Invitational by FEmuscleLover88 Emma Watson bodybuilder by Ritualist Invitational entry by gijohn20 1st Annual FM BB Invitational by arkbishop Mega Medaka Kurokami by GrandMasterLucilious Maartje Pieters by zjefvanutsel Bodybuilding Invitational-Samantha by spiresrich Joanna Blake - Bodybuilding Invitational by Odie1049 Bodybuilding Invitational - Matsu by slawyn Diana Sable: Fbb Undercover 2014 by allegend Posedown! Satin vs. Eve by DavidCMatthews  Shorter But Stronger by schizoshiva77 Lucy by Pegius Brenda on stage 1 by aldebaran086 Valerie's Return by Minamo21 Bodybuilding Posing Routine by plinius Bodybuilding Invitational - Mikan by AdvancedDefense Verna On Stage (bodybuilding invitational) by loenror SCV - Zayna competition by olafredland Bodybuilding Invitational - Entry from New Colchis by IHCOYC Lois in contest shape by j-hammer Any Armstrong 1st Annual Bishop BodyBuilding Invit by Bishop2012 Female Muscle Bodybuilding Invitational- Sabrina by rainbowscriber


Thanks for another great month here at FemaleMuscle. We always welcome ideas or suggestions from members to keep FemaleMuscle the best female muscle artist collective anywhere!

Follow us on Twitter at @FemaleMuscleArt.
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Welcome to the Female Muscle Club! We are a group that admires all manners of muscular women, both human and anthro, ranging from mild bodybuilder levels to crazy extremes.

We don't only admire the form but the person as well. It takes great courage and drive to transform your body like this when much of the world shuns the idea. We are here to show our support. We are also dedicated to fostering and promoting artists interested in making art about strong muscular women, and bodybuilders.

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